Pear Crumble

What a treat! Not the usual apple and rhubard crumble – this dessert amalgamates pear, ginger stem and lime to make a scrumptious dessert.

Baked Strawberries

Baking a fruit with a high water content requires an oven on a low heat and patience. Find out what happened the first time I tried to bake strawberries…

Cranberry Biscuits

Simple homemade biscuits with dried cranberries. Enjoy straight from the oven, or cold and crunchy.


A recipe for easy, imperfect flat bread to complement curries, chick peas or lentils dishes.

Banana Fritters

Recently when listening to the radio there was a slot about banana wastage. Apparently, millions (don’t quote me) of Brits throw bananas away by the dozen when they are overripe and start to form brown spots. This to me, is so ironic given that every week, I buy far more bananas then I need so that they…

Homemade Chicken Tikka Masala

I really enjoy Indian cuisine and whilst I rarely dine out and never order takeaways, I often make my own dhal and curry dishes. Most of my meals are plant based but this evening I decided to try Chicken Tikka Masala, having come across a recipe on another social media network. Believe me it was simple…

How to clean a microwave – quickly!

The easiest thing to clean is a microwave. A bit random I know but I say this because simply, it is! I recently attempted to melt some butter in mine and guess what, it popped and splatted everywhere. Yes, it was a mess. I could have tackled it with elbow grease but my trusted friend,…

Carrot and Apple Juice

When I first  bought my nut milk bag the sole purpose was to strain the juice of my homemade hemp milk. It works a treat and has served me well. My husband is a fan of protein smoothies and is forever blending up various mixes which my young son eyes with envy. So today, I decided to…

Kitchen Nightmares

My kitchen may be a happy place but it has been known to be pretty hazardous too! Here I retell a not so nice story…

Homemade Sweets

Homemade sweets are actually a lot easier than I first thought!


Trying to make honeycomb has become my life’s mission!


Oh my gosh – I just made the tastiest flapjacks ever! Flapjacks are a healthy snack which I make about once a week and store in airtight containers for the few days moments in which they last. I say moments because a batch rarely lasts for more than a day. I usually stick with the…