Lunch Time at Home


I usually prepare my meals well in advance however yesterday, that just didn’t happen. Here’s the scenario – it’s lunch time, I’m hungry and I need to refuel. ..

Being based in the London area of Shoreditch one is never short of eateries – there really is something for everyone. Sandwich shops, restaurants, street food, you name it.

My first choice though is always Home.


Home is a vegan eatery based in Box Park Shoreditch, the trendy  pop-up mall made from shipping containers, for independent and global, fashion and lifestyle stores and cafes. This was my second visit and on both occasions I have treated myself to the House Pad Thai, a classic Thai street food dish with a stir fried rice noodle base.

Pad Thai is usually served with proteins such as chicken or fish but at Home, the choices are ‘Just Veggies’, ‘Puffed Tofu’, ‘Chickn’ or ‘Praun’. Note that being a ‘no meat no bones’ establishment, ‘Chickn’ and ‘Praun’ are vegan friendly options, which of course defer from their poultry and shellfish origins but yet, in my opinion, taste somewhat similar.

The food is fresh and tasty and on returning to my desk to dine, I became the subject of food envy which is to be expected because the food not only looks great but also smells divine. The offerings at Home really are delectable and there truly is something for everyone. Shoreditch diners should be flocking here!

Let’s be clear, my intention is not to do a review, a visit to Home and it’s big sister ‘Cook Daily’ located opposite at container 55, speaks for itself. The purpose of this post is to share a pleasurable, ethical and sustainable eating experience with you whilst making a recommendation. Of course I make my own veggie based Pad Thai at home, so I’ll get the recipe up at some point.

That said, House Pad Thai at Home (Box Park) is also a very good choice!


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