Sweet Bites

Did I ever tell you the story of how I made truffles? Not just any old truffles but dairy free, vegan friendly truffles?

It goes something like this. When it comes to the kitchen I quite often act on inspired notions. Well I do this with most things actually hence the inception of my blog. Anyway…

Kitchen Faux Pas

On this particular afternoon I set out to make some kind of chocolate dessert thing, I forget what now, but it involved loads of coconut oil, agave syrup and cacao powder. Everything got dumped into a pan on a medium heat (this fact is important, bear with me). It all happened so quickly – there was a plumb of chocolate smoke and lots of BUBBLES, when, before I knew it the mixture was too thick and started to burn. I added water to thin it out but of course it separated from the oil and didn’t help at all.

On removing the pan from the heat (which ultimately had been too high) , I was left with this chocolate syrup sludge. Ummh. I was tempted to just dump it but being someone who detests food waste I figured I could still do something with it. Out came one of my Ikea silicon moulds into which the chocolate sludge was poured. I honestly don’t know what I thought would come of it but I stuck it in the freezer and forgot about it for a few hours.

Fast forward to dinner time and a rummage through the freezer for the frozen veg when I rediscovered my moulded sludge.

Crunch time – I tried to pop one of the sludge things from the mould, no joy. I prodded the sludge thing with a knife and was not too surprised to find that it wasn’t rock hard, but in fact had a bit of a spring to it. Not like proofed bread dough but a spring nevertheless. I decided to prise the sludge stuff out and it was sort of like melted caramel in texture …which gave me an idea. Empty each mould, roll the mixture into balls (they were that pliable) and then roll over cocoa powder.

Viola, I had made truffles.

Given the coconut oil content (there was a lot) I figured that my treats should stay in the freezer which is where they now live. The mix was also pretty heavy on agave syrup and whilst I didn’t measure the quantity there was probably around 3 tsps making the end result extremely sweet.

Sweetness aside, the bites are chewy, high in cacao content and are a good foundation for my truffles which I’ll make again soon and will provide instructions for. No chocolate tempering needed here!


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  1. helloleaa says:

    They look so good!


    1. Estella's Kitchen says:



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