Turmeric Smoothie

I’m a great believer in exercising daily and find that not only does it help me to keep in shape, but it’s great for my mind also. I’m currently doing the Insanity workout (60 days Monday to Saturday) which is a test for both the body and mind as it requires physical and mental strength and perseverance.

I usually workout from home, first thing in the morning, as this allows me to have a good breakfast immediately afterwards as well as get on with the rest of the day. There are, however, occasions when I simply can’t manage the 05:00 wakeup. On such days (today being one of them) I have a light breakfast and fit the workout in at around midday, following up with a home-made smoothie for nourishment.

Shaun T, the instructor, encourages you to drink a ‘recovery formula’ which is of course important for muscle replenishment – I imagine that the Insanity brand have a protein based mixture which can be purchased – but I am a fan of a turmeric smoothie following a workout.

Turmeric is a root which until recently I mostly knew as ‘the spice which gives curry its yellow colour’. However I’ve come to learn that turmeric has many health benefits including being an anti-inflammatory. Since learning this I try and incorporate turmeric into as many meals as I can – mixed in with scrambled eggs is a good one!


Makes 1 Turmeric Smoothie

1/4 cup of ice (I actually use frozen banana pieces)

2 bananas

1 tbsp of coconut oil

2 tbsp of turmeric powder

2 tsbp of ginger powder (grated ginger will suffice)

400ml of hemp milk (cows milk or water can also be used)

1 tsp of cinnamon (optional)

1 tsp of chia seeds (optional)


Time: 30 seconds

Using my Nutri Ninja, I combine all of the ingredients and blitz for 30 secs.

This produces a smooth, golden yellow mixture with an earthy / gingery smell. And the taste? Not like a banana curry as you might imagine, but a spicy, flavoursome concoction. I love it and really enjoy this medicinal recovery drink.

Pretty easy right?!


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