Overnight Oats

Almost overnight I have become a fan of overnight oats.


Having seen various recipes all over my pinterest news feed and subsequently  recommending them to time short buddies who usually feast on croissants and coffee for breakfast (a sure way to burn a hole in your pocket) I decided to give them a go myself.

What are Overnight Oats?
Now I have never been a fan of oats.

Oats equals porridge equals milky food equals yuck.

However if baked i.e. Granola or Flapjacks, I’m in. So given that moistening the oats overnight is key to this recipe, consuming this for the first time was a real challenge for me. I’m going to list the ingredients for a basic bowl below but the beauty of this is that anything you like can be used.


Makes 1 portion

half a cup of oats
enough milk (or milk alternative) to cover the oats
1 tbsp of spice
fruit of choice


Cook Time: 0 minutes Prep Time:  5 minutes Ready In: Overnight 

  • Add the oats to a bowl (I use a kilner jar which can be sealed)
  • Follow with your chosen spices. Cinnamon is a favourite for me.
  • Cover with the milk  (or milk alternative). I of course use my homemade hemp milk.
  • Add fruit. Frozen berries / fruit are perfect for this as they defrost overnight. So simple!
  • Cover, refrigerator and enjoy the next day!


This takes no more than 5 mins – 5 mins!

I also love how experimental this can also be. I recently made an apple puree and added this to my oats, soaking overnight. Delicious is an understatement!

I’ve yet to try peanut butter but I’ve used berries, chocolate chips and cacao powder and even coffee as a flavour base. There are so many things you can use, for a delicious, truly enjoyable and nutritional breakfast. I’m looking forward to adding coconut and have visions of pistachio in future versions.

A winner!


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