Pizza Pizza

This week, I made pizza.

pizza cartoon

There is nothing new or extraordinary about this – making thick, doughy pizza bases and marinara sauce from scratch is a standard for me and something I often do, but this week was different.

Play day mornings are usually reserved for Messy Play which is often a mad rush out of the house, followed by an hour and a half of bubbles, finger paints, Play Doh, glitter, sand and shaving cream. Oh and I mustn’t forget to mention the feeding trough large tray of cereal which is fulled with rice krispies / cornflakes at the start of the session and by the end consists of a few sticky grains…I’ve actually seen kids leaving the session with disposable cups full of cereal which they feast on as they wave goodbye for another day. This is not a good look when you consider the number of snotty nosed, grotty fingered kids who stick their hands in the mix, some of them literally shovelling mouthfuls of reconstituted cereal in during the session. I’ll leave you with that thought…

No this one was different because my LO (little one) and I ventured to ‘Food Explorers’, a healthy cooking and tasting session for children and their parents/carers.

I was rather excited by the session, as we would be using the time to prepare and cook a nutritious meal …obviously right up my street!

On the menu was pizza! The staff had made a simple marinara sauce, but everything else was up to us. I usually add yeast to my dough for added puff but being time short (we had 90 mins and you need more if using yeast) we focused on a flat base.


Makes 1 large pizza base

10 tbsps of plain flour
3 tbsps of olive oil


Marinara sauce

Optional: Whatever you like!
We added olives, Cheddar cheese, mozzarella, tuna, sweetcorn, bell pepper and anchovies.


  • Add all of the ingredients and mix well.
  • Form a ball and roll out on a floured surface. Place onto a baking tray. We handed the base to the staff to bake – this took around 15 mins. During this time we chose and prepared our toppings.
  • When the base was ready we topped it with the marinara sauce and then had fun adding the other ingredients.
  • We added a mountain of colourful toppings before the pizza went back into the oven, at which point everyone helped to clear up.

The session itself was fun and educational for all on so many levels! It was great watching the kids measure out the flour, counting as they went along  🙂

I also loved seeing food skills being shared – I for one learnt that yeast isn’t necessary for a good pizza base. The session also reinforced the fact that good food does not have to take lots of time and money!

After all, together, we made a simple, healthy and very filling pizza in less than 90 mins which we enjoyed for lunch. It was definitely inspiring and the perfect avenue for food education.

Flat bread pizza made by the LO!
Flat bread pizza made by the LO!

We will be returning next week to make guacamole …yum…avocados!



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