Minced Pies (With a difference)

wp-1479840325452.jpgI, like many others, enjoy making minced pies from scratch. THAT time of the year is fast approaching and so it’s okay to bring this up now. Making the pastry is standard of me and whilst the mince is also easily done, I have previously ‘cheated’ and used the shop bought versions.

This past Sunday, we had a really early lunch so it seemed prudent to ensure that there was a yummy treat for later on it the day. Biscuits were on the brain so I started making a shortcrust pastry but then, whilst rummaging in my spares cupboard for more flour I was fortunate enough to come across my long neglected Kilner jar stuffed with minced pie filling made a year ago. In actual fact, I think it’s more like 18 – 24 months ago but hey!

So…on cooling the pastry, I rolled it out into my pastry dish, opened the jar and smeared loads of minced goodness into place. I had a little dough left so decided on a not so perfect lattice top with odd sized but tasty strips.

In the oven for around 15 minutes on a low heat, the pie  crisped up nicely. Needless to say, the filling, which had been fermenting for MONTHS was simply delicious and the pie, which I feared would sit in the fridge for days, was devoured almost in one go. By the 3 of us.

I’ll be topping up my minced meat sometime soon although I still have loads for the upcoming season. And the proof really is in the pudding. Making the filling and putting it aside for lengthy periods of time really does help to enhance the flavours.

I’ll be stocking up on my next shopping trip and have already added to my list:
– Veg suet
– Luxury dried fruit mix (glacier cherries are a must!)
– Cinnamon, spice and all things nice (Nutmegs and cloves)
– And of course a dash of brandy…

If baking isn’t your thing but you are a minced pie fan, let me know what your favourite one is! Konditor and Cook’s are definitely up there for me but no doubt there will be some stiff competition amongst the supermarket brands!




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