Homemade Sweets

I recently came across a recipe for fudge, which inspired me to give it a go as I love the idea of edible gifts. What I ended up with however, was more of a creamy caramel / toffee goodness treat.

Edible gifts.jpg

The recipe below (originally from here) produced, I kid you not, over 150 individual sweets! Needless to say, the next time I make this I’ll reduce the quantities, big time!


400g Sugar

85g butter

200ml evaporated milk

150ml milk

a few drops of vanilla extract

vegetable oil

(optional) handful of raisins and peanuts


I more or less followed the method from Good to Know, which has a helpful instructional video as well as text. In short, it’s as simple as combining the sugar and all of the milk, stirring until the sugar dissolves.

Next, the mixture should be brought to the boil and when at 116c, removed from the heat. Of course you need to continuously stir, so as to prevent burning. I then mixed in the vanilla extract, raisins and peanuts, before pouring into a pre-oiled tin and chilled.

Now what I didn’t do immediately after was cut into chunks – this I did once cooled in the fridge and to be honest cutting beforehand would have been easier.

Taste Test

The texture of these sweets was just perfect, but wow were they sweet! I’ll definitely go easy on the sugar the next time around as the amount stated in the recipe is a little to much for my liking (and I have a sweet tooth!) Despite this, they are really yummy and have made a good addition to the Christmas pack I have made up for my extended family. Not a bad attempt for my first time, I must say!

Any other sweet makers out there? What have your experiences been?



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