Carrot and Apple Juice

When I first  bought my nut milk bag the sole purpose was to strain the juice of my homemade hemp milk. It works a treat and has served me well. My husband is a fan of protein smoothies and is forever blending up various mixes which my young son eyes with envy. So today, I decided to make him a special juice which he could enjoy without the danger of bulking up. This is how my homemade carrot and apple juice (and secondary use of the nut milk bag) came about.


  • a clump of root ginger
  • 3 organic carrots
  • 3 braeburn apples
  • about 900 ml of water (I use distilled)

Special equipment

  • a juicer/blender
  • a nut milk bag or strainer


  • Cut the apples into quarters, removing the cores
  • Scrub and quarter the carrots
  • Add all of the ingredients into your blender
  • Whizz away
  • Strain
  • Enjoy

I have a Nutri Ninja and find the easiest method is to blend the ingredients in two batches due to the amount, straining through the nut milk bag once whizzed up and then storing in the fridge until devoured. I threw away the pulp remains but in hindsight I probably should have kept this for baking.

Needless to say the whole family enjoyed the drink, which can of course be tailored to suit any palette. I’m not one for buying boxed juices owning to the additives but moving forward I’d happily make my own (it probably cost me less than a pound to make 1 litre) so I plan to stick with this and experiment with different ingredients each week.

Let me know in the comments if you have any juice suggestions!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lolo says:

    Sounds great 👏

    Couldn’t you use the pulp as mulch/compost in your garden? Just a thought 🤔 x


    1. Estella's Kitchen says:

      Thanks Lolo – great suggestion! I was thinking that myself, maybe I’ll do this with the next batch! I started to embrace my green fingers last year and am interested in composting so it’s certainly something I will try!


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