How to clean a microwave – quickly!

The easiest thing to clean is a microwave. A bit random I know but I say this because simply, it is!

I recently attempted to melt some butter in mine and guess what, it popped and splatted everywhere. Yes, it was a mess. I could have tackled it with elbow grease but my trusted friend, white vinegar, was on hand so clean up was a breeze. white_wine_vinegar_16x9

Most people associate white or distilled vinegar with pickling and whilst I do use it for this purpose, I have almost always used it for cleaning. It’s cheap, goes a great job and most importantly to me it’s natural. I’m not a fan of most cleaning products because of all the chemicals and toxins but this stuff can be safely used around animals and children. I haven’t even mentioned the disinfectant and deodorizing properties…Its uses are endless and when paired with baking soda or biocarbonate of soda you literally have a science project on your hands.

So back to the microwave…


  • White Vinegar
  • 1 ramekin (those cute little dishes used for serving individual portions of food) or small bowl
  • Microfibre Cloth


  • Pour white vinegar into the ramekin (about half way).
  • Turn on the microwave – full power for 3 – 5 minutes.
  • Wait for the ‘ping’.
  • Open.
  • Wipe clean.
  • Step back and adore!

The ‘Science’ behind it..

So here is what generally happens. The microwave warms the vinegar, which splatters onto the microwave walls and roof (much like that butter)! Don’t worry if you here a loud ‘pop’, that’s a good thing in my book!

When you open the microwave door, the insides will be wet and the ramekin virtually dry. Be careful when removing the ramekin as it will be extremely hot – use caution!

Yes the microwave (well in fact your whole kitchen) will smell of vinegar but you’ll be grateful for it trust me. Take the microfibre cloth and wipe all of the surfaces clean. You see, as the vinegar warms in the microwave it dissolved, hitting all of the food splattering thus figuratively fighting the gunk.

It’s best to wipe clean as soon as the door opens as when still warm, no to little elbow grease is required so you can wipe away with ease! Close the microwave door and that’s it! Once dry the smell will dissipate and your microwave will be gleaming!

Not only do I use white vinegar for my microwave but I use it to clean mirrors, glass, hard surfaces such as floors, the mop, the fridge, and of course for pickling. Seriously the list is endless and I famously would not be without it in my cleaning arsenal!

I’d be interested to hear of other white vinegar uses – let me know of any I’ve missed!


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